About Us

Etsy punks are sellers who are socially, environmentally and ethically aware. However, we are all individuals and stick to our own beliefs in the way we portray our shops. For example, one seller may be more concerned with animal rights and another may be more concerned with creating less waste or rescuing items from the landfill. Regardless of our individual politics we all believe in a DIY lifestyle and would like to represent and create awareness for the importance of all things handmade. For this reason, we will share DIY tutorials, advice from cooking to website building, information on anything from anarchy to capitalism and articles that promote DIY, activism and punk rock! If you have anything you would like to contribute PLEASE DO!!! Everyone one of you has something you can share that can help to better others.

You can buy wicked handmade punkrock sh*t by searching "etsypunks"on Etsy.com

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